“With the arrival of the summer season and as sunlight gets stronger and stronger in this post-pandemic times, wearing a mask to stay safe whilst also protecting our skin to avoid getting three-skin tone colour differences and potential spots buildup, particularly to the forehead, eyes, and neck caused by overexposure to the sun, raises more attention and questions on Skincare & UV Protection!”

Excessive sunlight can make the skin more susceptible, right?


imageV in sunlight ultraviolet rays can directly penetrate into the subcutaneous tissue of the skin, thereby activating the melanin in the bottom layer of the skin, forming spots, destroying the collagen of the skin, making the skin black and wrinkles. If you are in the sun for more than 15 minutes, UVB in sunlight ultraviolet rays will cause skin sunburn, redness and peeling. Although the wavelength of UVB is shorter than the wavelength of UVA, the energy is stronger, so it will damage the skin epidermis and more Deep spots. PA in sunscreen products stands for preventing sunburn and ageing, PA+ is effective (not easy to ageing), PA++ is more effective, PA+++ is very effective, that is, the more + signs, the stronger the sunscreen effect. SPF in sunscreen products represents the time that the skin is protected from the sun, SPF1=15min, SPF30=450min, SPF50=750min, that is, the higher the SPF value, the longer the sun protection time. So when travelling in summer, you must choose the right sunscreen, it is best to choose a sweat-proof and waterproof type. In the evening, some creams with antioxidant repair effects are used to help repair the damage caused during the day. Daily travel SPF30 is enough, seaside vacation SPF50 is the best. Sun protection is very important, the best skincare products are only to delay skin ageing.

It is very uncomfortable to wear a mask under the sun. More so when it gets hotter in the summer to find the two-colours skin tone appearing on the upper and lower parts of the nose after removing your makeup.

This is normally what happens after being exposed to the sun. The UVA and UVB in the sunrays are ever-increasing. While the mask can isolate part of the ultraviolet rays on your face, there are still the other uncovered parts that require you to use SPF30 sunscreen when you are exposed under the sun every day. Any exposed parts of the skin need to be applied. Additionally, the use of a suitable whitening product on your skin to suppress melanin and to prevent the formation of spots is recommended.


How to apply sunscreen products without destroying the makeup effect?

Before and after base makeup, it's best to use a makeup spray to make the base makeup more compliant. The use of sunscreen spray is best before going outdoors.., hold your breath for 3-5 seconds when using it and it's best not to inhale the spray into your lungs. If you are worried that the sunscreen spray products will damage the makeup, use a powder or powder with SPF value to gently pat on the facial skin.

What should I do if there are spots on my cheeks, nose bridge, and nose wings?

The use of whitening essence products containing vitamin C, niacinamide, and other ingredients every day helps. Also, make sure to apply sun protection. Try not to be exposed to the sun. Dry skin and sensitive skin should avoid using sunscreen containing alcohol. If the spots are heavy, use a whitening and blemish product that is applied locally on the spots. Do not apply on the entire face. For more serious cases, it is best to consult your doctor.

How to distinguish between sunburn and freckles on the face?

Mainly because UVA irradiation in ultraviolet rays penetrates the subcutaneous tissue of the skin and activates the underlying melanin of the skin, melanin appears on the surface of the skin, causing the formation of spots, most of them appear under the eyes and cheekbones. Their colour variant is black, brown, and light brown.
Freckles : A large part of freckles comes from genetic inheritance, and it will appear on the bridge of the nose, wings, and cheeks as a child.

What effect does the foundation primer have? Should I use a foundation primer or sunscreen first?

The foundation primer acts as the protective screen between the skin and the make-up. It is the first step of make-up. After applying the foundation primer on the face, it protects the skin, conceals, and adjusts the complexion. After a daily cleaning..., apply moisturiser, then apply sunscreen, before using primer and other makeup products on your face.

If the foundation product has sun protection, can I stop using sun protection products?

The use of protective sunscreen is always favoured. Substituting makeup products with SPF value alone does help, but will not provide better sun protection value like the sunscreen.

Do I need to use sunscreen under indoors?

Depending on the indensity and heat generated from the sun into your living areas, it is recommended to also use sunscreen because UVA with a longer wavelength in its ultraviolet rays can penetrate glasses and enter the room. Strong lights and computers radiation can also cause damage to the skin.
You can choose a sunscreen without high SPF.

Strong sunlight can make the skin more susceptible, right?

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Absolue Precious Cells UV 50ml

This precious cells UV lotion of Lancôme contains Bosein and anti-light aging ingredients to moisturise the skin while providing sunscreen. Its texture is light and moist and is suitable for dry and acne skin.



This Supergoop! sunscreen creates a velvety texture after a few seconds of application on the skin and makes the skin feels non-greasy. The skin becomes instantly smooth and silky without feeling heavy. It's a colorless and an oil-free product that you can put on before applying on your makeup. It makes the makeup more stable and effective. Suitable for oily and sensitive skin.



Shishido's Perfect UV Protector with its WetForce Technology also plays a role in repairing the skin and lessen worry ness on after-effects of sunscreen usage. This lotion contains anti-photoaging ingredients which can repair damaged skin, effectively prevent fine lines and sunburn. Its texture is non-greasy and the skin does not whiten after application.



Guerlain's Orchidée Impériale contains "Cell Respiration" technology, which makes cell respiration smooth and helps the skin to get the best improvement. Its texture moisturizing texture is not greasy.


Avène Reflexe SPF50+ PA++++ 30ml

The Avène Reflexe SPF50+ PA++++ is an environmentally friendly formula, without adding harmful ingredients such as alcohol, octocrylene and silicone. Contains Avene spring water and glyceryl laurate to soothe skin's after-sun discomfort. Its water-oil balance texture is not greasy. High power protection, no heavy feeling after application.


Fotoprotector ISDIN Transparent Spray Wet Skin SPF50 250ml

ISDIN sun protection product is developed by the Spanish swimming and mountaineering team including other outdoor sports organisations to develop sun protection brands. This body sunscreen spray is weightless on the body. It is an improved formula with Ginger Cell Protect, a 100% natural ginger extract that, thanks to its high antioxidant content, offers cellular protection against oxidative damage. It is also very convenient to use, suitable for outdoor water sports, it is recommended not to use it on the face, use it every 2 hours. Protection on the marine underwater is assured because of the sunscreen's biodegradable formula.


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