“In the present precarious epidemic environment, and on this special day - international women's day, we wish all women health and happiness and be treated tenderly around the world and not the least, may this epidemic be overcomed.”



Tyear 2020 may not be a good start for the new year in China. In fact, it was a very bad start. Amongst endless disappointments, regrets, fears, hurt, sadness and tears, China never gave up, fall into despair, nor allow fear to dwell in their hearts nor let ignorance create blindness in their eyes. There were also endless heart-touching happenings during these uncertain times.

We take a look at some of the most heart-touching brave women who have fought relenlessly to save lives because of the deadly COVID-19:

women heros
ZHANG JIXIAN - The first person to report the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

This 54-year-old Zhang Jixian first noticed signs of the virus spreading in epidemic direction and insisted on reporting the situation, which resulted in gaining crucial time for the government to monitor the spread as early as possible. Her alertness allowed other medical staff to avoid infection.

After being commended as a national model worker for her outstanding contributions to the epidemic, Zhang Jixian said, "This award is too heavy for me, and I can't support it." She added: "I just did it as an ordinary doctor, and doing my job."

women heros
Academician LI LANJUAN - She went to the epic center of the virus

Academician Li Lanjuan is 73 years old. she is the only female academician in the Department of Infectious Diseases in China. She has experienced SARS and avian flu and has been in the frontline of the epidemics each time.

In the COVID-19 epidemic, she took the lead in proposing Wuhan's "City Closure" policy and led the team to successfully isolate 8 strains of the virus. At 73 years old, she slept less than 4 hours each day during the severe COVID-19. Everyone is very familiar with her when she walks into the ICU ward to visit critically ill patients. After the consultation, she took off her protective gear and her facial indentations marks from wearing protective gear over the lengthened period clearly shows and she is still smiling.

Academician Li Lanjuan has affirmed many times: " personally proposed to the country and I can lead a team to support Wuhan."

women herosGUO QIN - A nurse who unfortunately contracted the virus and returned to work activiely after recovery

Guo Qin, 38 years old, is a nurse at the Emergency Divison in Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University. After the outbreak of the new coronavirus, Guo Qin has remained in the emergency ward, taking care of critically ill patients, and helping many patients with their infectious coronavirus pneumonia to recover. On January 13, Guo Qin was diagnosed with the coronavirus pneumonia. Guo Qin was the first infected medical staff in Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University.

Later, in an interview with reporters, Guo Qin said, "I am the first infected medical staff in the hospital. If I turn away, I would feel like a deserter. There is an urgent need for medical staff to look after the infected patients. What can we do? We have so many patients. If there is no problem with my physical condition. It is another 14-day observation period, and if I don’t work at this time, am I a deserter? I'm a Communist. It's unreasonable to turn away at this time, and emergency personnel has blood in the mouth, that is, we are not afraid of hardships. At this time, we should be at the frontline."

women heros
"Rain Coat Girl" - Delivering food to frontline medical staff with a note
At the age of 24, she prefers to give quietly instead of letting everyone know her real name. Everyone calls her: "Sister Rain Coat" because when she first served meals to frontline medical staff, there was no protective clothing, only her raincoat "protected" herself.

Wuhan is a hero city and has been through too many unspeakable tests. After seeing the report that the medical staff could only eat instant noodles, the raincoat sister resolutely joins the volunteer team in Wuhan to deliver meals for the medical staff. Before leaving, she wrote a testament and signed a life and death letter with her companions. Only God knows what this trip will face them, is it safe to return? Nobody knows.

She told a Chinese women reporter, "Today, doctors saw many spare ribs in their meal. They became so happy and broke into tears as they know the meaning of these two precious words (spare rips) in Wuhan!"

women heros
LIANG YU - Sisterly Campaign Action

On February 8th, Liang Yu launched the # 姐妹战役安心行动 # online, calling on the public to pay attention to the physical health of women's medical care staff.

Female medical staff overworked themselves during menstruation. Because of the shortage of protective clothing, every protective clothing cannot be wasted and are worn continually. Wearing clean protective clothing for at least 6 hours is very important to women's physical health. Knowing the shortage of sanitary supplies in various hospitals in Hubei, Liang Yu set up a volunteer team and raised 338,317 safety pants on February 20.

It is because of her call that more and more people have joined the operation and donated a large number of physiological supplies to frontline female medical staff.

FUJIAYU - The sun at rises at eight or nine o'clock in the country and shines on Huoshenshan Hospital

Fu Yujia was born in 1997, hiding away from her parents, she quietly went to Huoshenshan Hospital to help.

At the Intensive Care Unit of Huoshenshan Hospital, she handles hundreds of garbage bags every day, spraying all the garbage bags with disinfectant, seals the plastic bags, and cleans & disinfects the floor. This young little girl may look coquettish and weak, but she can lift four or five giant garbage bags with each hand to carry them for disposal.

She told reporters: "When we do sanitary works including all the doctors and nurses at work. At least in the area of my responsibility, they can work with a peace of mind." Even at the most tired time, she was the most gasping and bold, and she said, "Nothing is something we can't do when we are born after 1990. "

women heros
YE AILING - The gray and dim city of Wuhan is still warm because of you

52-year-old female delivery lady, Ye Ailing has been working continuously since the outbreak of COVID-19.

She helped customers buy 50 pounds of sterilized alcohol. Unable to take the shut downed subway. She dragged the alcohol to the bus station by herself and switched buses three times. After 4 and a half hours, she delivered the alcohol to the customer.

A young man placed an order for vegetables. She helped them buy good vegetables and then sent them to his elders. When the delivery was made, the elderly person said to her, " been eating noodles for the past two days. Today you came to me. food to eat. "

During the epidemic, everything was unknown, but she still insisted carrying on her work, as she said: "As long as the order is received, I will definitely complete the order by deliverying it."

HU XIAOHONG - Day and night assistance from countless families behind the construction of Wuhan Vulcan Mountain Hospital
When Hu Xiaohong was having her meal on New Year's Eve at home, she was notified of the construction of the Huoshenshan Hospital. She put down her chopsticks and hurried with a team of workers to the Huoshenshan Hospital site, and immediately started to assist in the construction. In the race against time, many female construction workers participated in this construction labourously, day and night, and fearless of the infectious danger.

When she was asked by the reporter about the two children in the house, her simple answer made people admired her: "Where we are needed, we go."

women heros

ZHANG JINXING - The youngest police officer in the Wuhan Fangcang Hospital
This 22-year-old girl said, "I should fight with my age! It will make me happy to bring any little warmth to them."

Zhang Jinxing volunteered to go to the Fangcai Hospital for duty. She helped the patients in Wuhan Fangcang Hospital to purchase daily necessities, and brought it to everyone on her next duty call. When she first entered the cabin, she felt nervous. She had to put on protective clothing and upon entering the cabin and seeing the relaxed patients inside, she became relaxed.

women heros
XU FENGMEI - The "Little Paintbrush" of Wuhan City

The cleanliness of the roads to any city reflects whether the city is clean. There is a group of people who have been ignored by us. They are the "little paintbrushes" of this city. After the outbreak, Xu Fengmei insisted on working on her position every day.

Wuhan people speak straightforwardly. She told reporters: "We clean up the streets and reduce pollution. That's what we are doing our part for our country."

Every event is worthy of being respected by the people for every position is a part of the social network. They may be from different industries and we cannot mention each and every woman who is still giving hope to everyone on the front line including those many simple, unsophisticated, but dedicated women contributing in obscurity! Behind every touching event is the sheer tenacity of women, their inherent fraternity, calmness and mature attitude during the chaos. They inspired and guided many through their actions! Women may be willful, coquettish, or irrational, but when disasters and troubles occur, they put on their armor the next second to protect everyone and their family! They are also our heroes.., our angels!

In this epidemic environment, and on this special day international women's day, we wish all women the health and happiness, and may they be tenderly treated around the world and not the least, may this epidemic end.

There is also a tribute to all the medical staff who sacrificed for the fight against this epidemic. Their selflessness and dedication will be written and in history.., and their spirits will be remembered.