“Interview with Cindy Bruna at Martinez Hotel overlooking the infamous Croisette of Cannes.”

CINDY BRUNA   Beautiful Down-to-Earth Model.

Photography by N. Spiess


It was at the top of the Martinez Hotel, in Cindy Bruna's suite overlooking Cannes' infamous Croisette, where we chatted with the beautiful and down-to-earth model.

You may known Bruna from the covers of global magazines, the Prada campaign, or maybe spotted her on the catwalk of the annual lingerie fiesta, known as the Victoria Secret's Fashion Show. And since we have been keen on following her career since the very beginning, we just had to take her away from her busy schedule and pose some of our must-ask questions.

CINDY BRUNA   Beautiful Down-To-Earth Model

Join Us:

What does the Cannes Film Festival signify for a supermodel like you?

I am from the South of France, so I grew up dreaming about the Festival and it's surreal to be actually here.

imageKnowing that Cannes is the hub of the cinema industry, is acting something you would consider one day?

Yes, I definitely see myself as an actress in the future. I have done a few acting experiences and one of them was in Luc Besson's Valérian film. Even though it was a very small role, it took a few days of shooting and I learned so much. It's an entirely new universe so I will have to think about it and work hard on it. But in the meantime, I want to focus on my career because I feel like I have many projects I still want to do as a model.

An ongoing theme in Cannes is race, ethnicity and cinema. Being a woman of color, do you think this has helped or hindered your career?

Being dark-skinned always makes a model's career more difficult than being Caucasian. But at the same time, when agents and clients book Cindy Bruna, they choose me because they want me for who I am, that is a woman of color. So it has become my strength in one way or another.
Also being French, and of mixed races (half Italian and half Congolese), is my story of being from both worlds. I am beyond proud of being the first woman of color to appear in international fashion campaigns. And I do hope that many girls could be inspired by me.
Moreover, from my work experience, I have realized that things in the industry are changing and it's becoming more inclusive.

What is your advice to an aspiring model?

Of course you should believe in yourself, but more importantly, find someone who believes in you. That's what I discovered with my agency in Paris that supported my career. Because it's all about teamwork and I can't do it on my own. You need a person who will help you achieve your goals.

If we ask you to resume your career in one professional moment, what would it be?

I have done so much, and at the same time I have so much more to do. But I have to choose the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show because it's something magical. I mean walking the VS runway for five years is huge. I couldn't even believe it since the very beginning, this show is a dream come true.




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