“Golf is not easy.., its difficult to be competing with oneself.”

Tiger Woods   Representing an era in the World-of-Golf to many.


imageOn the afternoon of September 23, local time in Atlanta, the US professional golf tournament year-end drama - the Tour Championship ushered in a finale. In the final round, Woods shot 71 and won the final championship with a two-shot advantage. This is his first championship since the WGC Bridgestone Invitational in August 2013. His personal career PGA titles reached 80.


Thousands of fans broke through the ropes, and almost everyone took out the phone to record the moment, cheering and celebrating when Woods was walking up to hit the 18 putting green. Fans all surrounding the green, looking for any small opportunity to witness this moment.

Not only fans, but even the new generation of players who are now active on the field, such as Justin Thomas, Deschamps, Fleetwood, etc., are also standing in the ropes, wanting to witness Woods once again after five years. In their eyes, Woods is an idol of childhood, the goal they want to follow.

imageWoods’s words also explain that it’s not easy to play golf. “I still can’t believe that I won the championship. had a very long and extremely difficult time.” Woods paused for a moment, his voice was sobbing, “can I returned to the game again and reached the level of reaching the East Lake. This is the goal I set for myself at the beginning of the season. Now done it."

The biggest rival in golf is not others, but yourself. Whether to defeat yourself in a game is far more important than defeating an rival. This is a terrible thing on the greens. If a player cannot recognizes oneself, it will make player hit the ball beyond the person's ability. The consequence is making more mistakes on the greens.

Tiger Woods   Representing an era in the World-of-Golf for many.

From data recodings, golf is one of the hardest game to play in the world. Let’s see why...

Swing skill: There are almost no two same swing shots in the world, just like no one has ever seen two same maple leaves. Player practice again and again to make the action similar. Play golf is not mechanical. Sometimes one plays very well, sometimes even unable to swing and players need a strong heart to face the ups and downs mood.

The difficulty grade set of golf course: Various obstacles on the course seems simple. In fact, it requires the player to have a strategy to keep out of trouble, and no matter how good the club is, it's never as good as the strategy to get out of trouble and to continue moving forward succesfully.

Natural factors and irresistible factors: Suddenly there was a gust of wind, golf ball was blown off, the weather influences the result of the game. The ball fell out of the river, and the half-ball was gone... The ball of another player ran off your ball and so on. There were so many unexpected factors affecting the final result.

In the professional circuit when it comes to composure and personal skills, it is still the player's own psychological quality, to see who is most at peace for each ball swing. Perhaps this is also deeply loved by many politicians, and economists and celebrities, where they cultivate their peace of mind by focusing to face all challenges.



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QCEG MAG TIGER WOODS: Representing an era in the World-of-Golf to many...