"The Royal Jump is held annually in celebration of the horse universe at the Château de Bertichères."

Photography by Thierry Joly

ROYAL JUMP : Welcoming equestrian champions & enthusiasts from all over the world.


Held on a beautiful and sunny weekend, we have the honour to be among the guests at the Château de Bertichères where we mingle amongst equestrian lovers and enthusiastic riders gathered at the Royal Jump 2019.

Château de Bertichères is a 15th-century renaissance castle located in the tranquil countryside of the Chaumont-en-Vexin region in France. With the château as a backdrop and its locality situated in a 70 hectares parkland with lustre greenery of centenary trees naturally makes this beautiful French domain the perfect venue for the prestigious royal jump function with its calmness, serenity and worry-free atmosphere.

ROYAL JUMP : Welcoming equestrian champions & enthusiasts from all over the world.

Château de BertichèresThe Royal Jump welcomes great equestrian champions from all over the world. Participants in this year's program included the special appearances of Olympic equestrians medalists in addition to others from CSO and Derby national events.

A number of disciplines were planned for this event to meet the levels of riders, from the pony derby to the pro challenger. Riders and horses performed on hilly terrains by the edge surrounding forest, crossing rivers and natural ponds.

Winner of the 2018 Edition - Karim Laghouag was chosen as ambassador for the 2019 Edition. 

The Royal Jump is held annually in celebration of the horse universe. This year’s event was celebrated over a four-day period with vintage car exhibition, massage workshops, photography exhibition including a super cute puppies popup shop.

Guests were entertained with a wide choice of snacks and drinks in their public bar providing the finest french brandies and other liquors.

A fashion show highlighting the latest items by designers Smuggler for men’s wear and Stella Forest for ladies’ wear were elegantly presented by professional models and riders on horseback. This special show, in partnership with Mauboussin and Clarins brought much splendour.

For the event closing, we were entertained with an outdoor concert performed by singer Kenji Girac, followed by a DJ party heralding a perfect end to a splendidly elegant function where horses and equestrian lovers were effectively & simply the “THE ROYALTIES”.

Definitely a place to be again next year: Safe your dates!