“Hydration, Sun, Safety & Vitamin D”



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Allow your skin a break and for a while, put aside the makeup. You should head for that fabulous holiday destination and experience how good it feels to just soak up those rays of warming sunshine whilst feeling relaxed, chilling out, and being completely at ease.

But remember when the temperatures rise and the summer heat hits, getting enough to drink is very important to hydrate the body. Water is the single most important substance on Earth but it is important to drink correctly.

Water on its own is great but as an alternative, diluted natural juice would also be fantastic.

And whilst it is true that overexposure to the sun's rays can be harmful to your body, it is also important to understand the benefits that come from a little sun. Soaking up that “sunshine vitamin D" which is very beneficial but it also has other benefits. Recent studies have shown just how crucial sun exposure is for our wellbeing and everyday lives; from helping prevent heart disease and depression to encouraging weight loss, the sun has a lot of goodness to offer.

You don’t necessarily have to tan to benefit from the sun. The amount of sun exposure needed to produce enough Vitamin D depends on age, diet, skin colour, where you live, and how strong the sun is. Just a few minutes in the sun every day during summertime is sufficient for the body to receive a level of Vitamin D.

Sunlight triggers the release of the hormone "serotonin" in your brain, which is is associated with calming the mood making one feel happy and it may also boost your creativity and passion moods.

It is important to receive this vital vitamin but also to realise that overexposure could be counterproductive. Therefore use a sunscreen every day, even if it's cloudy preferably 30 minutes’ before sun exposure whether swimming in the pool or enjoying those outdoor activities it’s important to stay cool and hydrated whilst you, safely, enjoy the summer day.


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