“In Poetic Times & Nature’s Gift”

For travels to Kota Kinabalu, please be adviced to seek up-dated conditions and restriction for your safe travels from both the respective countries you are traveling from including updated ones from Malaysia due to COVID-19.

“In Poetic Times & Nature’s Gift”

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Feel the culture of Borneo & its customs
Immerse yourself in calmness by the deep blue sea
Rejuvenate at the CHI Spa where Chinese and
traditional Borneo health philosophies meets
Explore the variety of marine lives
Get rid of the restlessness and haste of the bustling cities
Stay at the Shangri-La Tanjung Aru Resort where what awaits you
are not just nightly deep & refreshing sleeps.


Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts & Spa are found around the world, from the shores with crystal clear waters to the bustling metropolis. QCEG has selected Shangri-La's Resort & Spa, Kota Kinabalu to treat yourself to Borneo's paradise and luxury enjoyment. A favoured "getaway" place loved by both locals and international guests, it's just the right place to be either for a stop-over to rejuvenate before or after the businesses in the big cities.

Situated at 115.4 to 118.8 degrees east longitude and 4.2 degrees to 6.5 degrees north latitude in the Malaysian Borneo state of Sabah, Shangri-La’s Resort and Spa, Kota Kinabalu is located near the equator with a tropical rain forest climate. The property was originally built in 1983 on a unique site with the most beautiful bay view in Sabah. Since then it has undergone extensions with new attractions added to the resort's facilities. There are two connecting wings - the Tanjung Wing and the Kinabalu Wing. Seaview rooms from either of these two wings, you see the South China Sea and from the mountain view rooms, you have the spectacular mountain views & the tropical rain forest climate.

The distinct ambient of Shangri-La coupling the local culture and customs fills the beautiful environment here. The resort's architectural structures are infused with traditional Borneo and modern elements. Discover local arts and designs on displays around the resort & spa.

In Poetic Times & Nature’s Gift

        Shangri-La Resort and Spa Kota Kinabalu have 498 modern rooms and suites. Each room and suites emanate a blend of Shangri-la characteristics and the local culture inhabitation amidst lushes of flora & greens and the sea filling the pleasant atmosphere with vitality and comfort. In complementary exultation for guests' bathroom affairs, L'Occitane, the French brand from Provence with their natural beauty product is provided for your stay.

        You can be either at the outdoor pools or the private sandy beach, you will get charmed by the surroundings with an infinite reflection of the South China Sea. And it is difficult not getting intoxicated during the sunset. Rolls of sun loungers line the sea-facing pools and gardens. Whether it's a sunny-n-breezy afternoon or a starry-night with sounds of calm waves splashing onto this private seafront, time flows slowly pass. A waterpark is situated next to the children's pool. This is the favourite family spot to build any parent-child relationship. Game and laughter are the best ways to get to know and bond deeper with children. At night, the whole grounds and buildings illuminate under the sky soothing the eyes and imagination.

        The one indispensable enjoyment to any travels is food and drinks! Guests can savour three different types of cusines in the resort & spa. The Coco-Joe's Bar & Grill is set next to the private beach platform with contemporary decoration serving western dishes, grills and cocktails to chill with a scenic view of the South China Sea. The Café Tatu caters a feast from different cultures every night.., buffet style. Here is where you savour sumptuously from a variety of cuisines prepared with high-grade ingredients. Feast on the freshest seafood bars, sushi, spicy, or sweet & sour choices with Borneo and Malaysian flavours. The Shang Palace Restaurant serves Chinese Muslim (halal) cuisine. Dim Sum is available for breakfast and Lunch. Order from their menu list.

        The Sunset Bar’s structural design and decoration of this bar are influenced by the traditional Borneo houses characteristics with a vast sea expanding out in front of you. The sea, sunset clouds and coconut trees entice you here. Order a glass of Mojito Passion or SABAH SLING cocktail, and experience the sight of the sky rendering into purple, gold, pink and light blue and disappearing magnificently in the horizons.

         Go to the STAR Marina for water sports and scheduled round-trip transfers to three different islands (Pulau Sapi, Pulau Manukan and Pulau Mamutik) via the resort's boats. The islands are distinguished by its beautiful and charming white sand beaches with shallow water shores. The waters are rich in coral resources and diverse marine life. Enjoy snorkelling and scuba diving activities in the crystal clear waters. The resort is equipped with rich diving experience professionals who can accompany guests to dive together. You can choose day or night diving programmes. There are also diving courses from beginners to professional levels that meet the standards of the Professional Diving Instructor Association. Enjoy the most beautiful and magnificence sunset in the South China Sea. The sunset cruise provides guests with a unique sunset experience. The hotel also provides Shangri-La exclusive luxury sunset private charter for coastal or deep-sea fishing.

        It’s time time to let yourself go at the luxurious CHI Spa which is situated on a seafront extension into the South China Sea accessible by taking a short walk through a pedestrian causeway. The healing techniques and materials used at CHI Spa are influenced by Asian philosophy for modern detoxification and rejuvenation treatments passed down through the generations. Natural ingredients are integrated into the CHI Spa treatments and the Borneo spa treatments, all aimed to relieving and finding or strengthening one's harmonious aura. The conclusive environment at CHI Spa helps allow you to let every inch of the body and soul breathe freely.

         Open-space massages are available by the seaside. You need to make an appointment with the therapist and together stroll to the massage pavilion located at the private beach. This is where the professional techniques of the therapist are applied to the sound of sea waves and breezes in complete relaxation to uplift your body and mind.

        Shangri-La Resort & Spa also offers excellent babysitting services at the Kids Club. There is a variety of activities available for children over 5 years old. Children can acquire knowledge while playing, and gaining social communication in games whilst parents can enjoy the two-person world without worrying about their children's safety.