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“Le Crocodile et Le Pluvian” What is the bond between the fierce cold-blooded crocodile and the nibbling plover bird?


quoteWhat is the bond between the fierce cold-blooded crocodile and the nimbling plover bird? The plover bird picks food from the crocodile's teeth and by doing so protect the crocodile's teeth. The plover bird is also called the “dentist of the crocodile”, and also provides danger-warning signal to the crocodile. There is a unique mutual symbiotic relationship between the crocodile and the plover bird.

“Le Crocodile et Le Pluvian” or "The Crocodile & The Plover in English" is a tv series based on a group of students from China studying at the University of Bordeaux who daringly face challenges and how they reasonably settle problems one after another in pursue of their dreams. And where they graduated from, returning home to build their lives in Shanghai with learned elements of ecology, architecture and advance technology from their university project entitled "PARADISE".



The group of students portrayed in this tv series was born after 1995. They propelled on their study, life, and entrepreneurship in France and represented the “third-generation international students from China" who grew up during the internet era. They are confident to accelerate forward in modern times with their boldness and are geared up with a more knowledgeable vision to bravely face multiculturalism with ease.

Written by Ms. Zou Jiani who herself has overseas study experience, the tv series was filmed on location in Bordeaux and Shanghai depicting details of the group's lives while studying in France vividly realistic. It brings memorable recollections especially for Chinese people who have studied outside China.

The year 2019 was the 55th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France, and Centenaire du movement TRAVAIL- ÉTUDES en France. It is because of open cooperation with each other that the friendship between China and France has exceeded half a century. The filming is supported by former French Prime Minister Alain Juppe, the Government of Bordeaux, the Gironde Film Commission, and official agencies of the Bordeaux culture and tourism departments. France has always been a world leader in global climate and ecological protection. In the two months of filming, more than 70 French technicians and more than 1,000 French filming personnel participated together. With the joint efforts and cooperation of China and France, they transcend the positive energy, values and world outlook of contemporary young people.

“Le Crocodile et Le Pluvian” - “An Inspiring Way To Go!"

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Beautiful Bordeaux is pleasantly situated in a city port located in the southwest France. It is the capital of the Nouvelle Aquitaine and the provincial capital of Gironde. In addition to being world-famous red wine producer with a unique natural environment, situated in Bordeaux is also the largest university city in Europe - Universite de Bordeaux which is the second most culturally protected building in France. It is a well-preserved medieval castle. Even the scent of the air is permeated with a strong humanistic atmosphere.
Bordeaux was included in the list of world cultural heritage in 2007 by the Teaching Science Education Cultural Organization, and it has now become a science and technology innovation center in France.

Grand Theâtre de Bordeaux
A neo-classical building in the city center, built from 1773 to 1780. Designed and built by architect Vito Louis, the front has 12 Corinthian columns inspired by the columns in front of the Greek temple. Twelve Greek mythology goddesses with different looks. After nightfall, it is even more magnificent under the light. It is known as one of the most beautiful buildings in France and a symbol of Bordeaux.

Musee des Beaux-Arts
The museum houses many authentic European and Bordeaux local painters from different periods and genres. These collections are displayed in two exhibition halls: the 16th to 18th century exhibits in the west hall and the 19th to 20th century exhibits in the north hall. Opening hours: 11:00 am-18:00 pm Closed on Tuesday

Saint - Emilion
During the centennial war between Britain and France, this village, as an important stronghold in the Bordeaux region, experienced many siege and scrambles. As the flames of war end, there are lively green plants everywhere, symbolizing life, and this village has become a famous world cultural heritage due to its long history.

Place de la Bourse
It is named for the mirror effect created by laying a layer of water on the ground. In 1869, the three-goddess fountain in the center of the square replaced the sculpture of a king on a horse.

Pont de Pireer
Pierre Bridge is a bridge that crosses the Garonne River in Bordeaux, connecting the Victor Hugo Boulevard on the left bank and Thiers Avenue on the right bank. Designed during the French Empire, it was built under the order of Napoleon I, and completed and put into use in 1822. The bridge has 17 arches, and the number 17 means the number of letters the name of Napoléon Bonaparte.

SHOPPING The "Golden Triangle" area, consisting of the Cours de I'Intendance, Cours Georges Clémenceau, and Allées de Tourny is not only for shopping but is also for enjoying food and walks with amazing buildings surrounding on both sides of the road.

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