Gwennoline Ranult


“Life Coach”

GWENNOLINE RENAULT - Sharing Her Life Experiences and Health Enhancement With Us

Gwennoline started her first job at the age of 18 years as a lithotherapy jewellery designer working with stones that emanate positive energies and is known as the stone method. She designs according to each of the stone's properties.

This science is a mix of old traditions using these stones and it considers the fact that they can naturally communicate a very particular vibe that is able to improve the well being of a person when he or she is close to a particular stone.

Working with these natural stones she created rings, bracelets and necklaces, each adapted for a partial positive reason.

Very rapidly her business became incredibly successful and as a result of this success, she was able to secure her first apartment on the edge of the seafront.

A dream maybe, but it turned into reality with life was becoming positive and was, indeed, very exciting.

At just 22 years old, Gwennoline invested in an outstanding building and acquired a 90-metre store. It seemed that things could not get any better with a second pilot store, and a satisfied clientele list, who absolutely loved the concept, everything seemed to be working very well.

She was living that perfect life. She had a wonderful boyfriend and an incredible love story. Life could not be better for her but then everything took a terrible turn. Her love story, her relationship, all ended. She went from a state of complete security and euphoria to the worst possible thing that can happen when her relationship ended, and her business collapsed.

She faced a complete breakdown which led to severe depression with numerous amounts of anxiety attacks where the simplest of tasks in everyday life made no sense.

— Suna Moya

GWENNOLINE RENAULT - Sharing Her Life Experiences and Health Enhancement With Us

“I did not want to get up in the mornings. I let myself go.” I found myself in debt which generated daily, a lump in my stomach, a fear of everything, fear of tomorrow, no desire to create, to work, to invest in myself. My parents were not able to support me.

It seemed that her spirit was broken. She had lost any kind of motivation and had even lost the will to live. This was an extremely negative period for her and a time in her life where she felt her world had fallen apart.

Because of this terrible situation, she knew that her future was doomed if she did not face reality and stop the negative feelings. She decided to change her life in a radical way, to start afresh and approach life with a completely new outlook.

Gwedoline decided the only way to alter the course of her life and cure her mind was to travel. She visited over 20 countries but despite this action, she still could not erase the feelings of failure and the sadness she carried everywhere. She just could not find peace within herself. And then during a trip to India, she finally realized it was time to make a change.

Upon her return to France, she decided to take courses and attend seminars on spiritual practice. Healers, magnetizers, energetics, shamans together with body purifications and mind purification. Also alternative medicine, readings and research on quantum physics with data crossing.

“I’m no better than another person or stronger. but I wanted to find out how to feel better and now I’m happy.”

Gwennoline is now a life coach specialising in detox yoga and well being. "Today I am making a lot of people feel better in their bodies and their minds! I like to share my expertise, with people to help them avoid certain traps and ensure a saving of time and provide effective solutions for their general well-being. We are alive so let’s live to enjoy it!"

“My main focus is to stay BEAUTIFUL, SLIM and YOUNG!”

All this develops inside the body to shine outwards. If you want to radiate physically, you have to cleanse the body of negative thoughts and learn to unblock those pent up emotions. Learn how to free yourself from these things.

A woman radiates because her organs are healthy, her skin is luminous because of the released toxins caused by developing positive thoughts and eliminating stress and anxiety.

Cure your mind and your body will automatically respond. You will feel refreshed and vibrant!

Everything we ultimately do in life is preceded by a thought.
For example, when we start an expected job, we are filled with energy with projects in our heads. We imagine a future and think about it with emotion. Beautiful emotions. Thoughts are cultivated and worked. It all begins with a thought.

How do we cultivate positive thoughts and feelings?
Not everything in life goes well all of the time, but the important thing is how we go through hardships and what we do with them and don't most of our successes and our dreams come after an ordeal? Thought is truly a powerful emotion so it is important to live in gratitude, to SEE and appreciate the "little things", to focus on everything you already have. When a problem arises we focus on the possible solutions instead of the problem.
We can not always think positive.., but we can drive out negative thoughts
Why is it that in the morning you can wake up feeling really good and then suddenly in the afternoon we feel completely drained. Yet we remain the same person morning, afternoon and evening, with the same abilities and feelings ... It is important to stay channelled and focused on constructive thinking so we can drive out any negative emotions and replace them with positive ones.. When a negative emotion arises it can easily be transformed into a positive or constructive emotion; just change your thoughts. Moreover, these negative thoughts tell us that what we are thinking does not indicate who we really are. Everything revolves around thought and everything you experience begins with a thought. Thoughts and feelings determine your results.

We have the choice to see what we want to see, so start by seeing the beauty that is everywhere around us even when we are going through hardships.

Some Tools - Pay Attention To Emotions - Become aware when a negative thought creeps in. Now CANCEL that thought push it away you don't need it you don't want it. Remember it is not part of who you really are.

- Focus On Solutions - When a problem arrives, as it does with us all, it is important to accept it but crucial to concentrate on finding a solution and if we focus on the solutions instead of rehashing the problem we will find it. For every problem there is a solution.

- Be Grateful -
For the people around us, family, friends, that we have a roof over our heads for the wonder of nature, the animals in our lives, the sunshine, the birds and the wildlife that is all around us..... The possibilities are endless. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in wanting more and more that we forget to appreciate what we already have ... Live NOW. When you focus on the positive things that happen in your life, you attract others. Have you ever noticed it? Say thanks to life. As we focus on the positive things in our life our thoughts begin to shift.

Six Things To Know.

Here are six tips to help you start feeling fabulous on the right foot.

With age and years of not taking care of eating a balanced diet, the body's ability to eliminate toxins decreases.

It is the time to start the concept of the emunctories, the organs of elimination - detoxing the organs by releasing accumulated waste in the mind, liver and body:
(1) Hydrate Well
When starting a detox cure, staying hydrated is essential. It is, therefore, necessary to make sure to drink about two litres of water per day. Tea, herbal teas and coffee are not water !! Hydrating and cleansing your body is above all about drinking water. In the morning to detox, drink two glasses of lukewarm water on an empty stomach. Avoid sodas and other sugary drinks, coffee and especially alcohol to free our body of toxins.

(2) Detox Plants
Milk thistle and desmodium, are perfect supplements to take for the liver after eating heavy meals, it helps to cleanse and gently detoxify the body. Rosemary and artichoke help support digestion and detoxification.
Black radish, for drainage but I do not recommend using it alone for the over 60's or if you lack vitality, there could be a risk of further tiring the body. (3) Opt For A Lemony Awakening
Lemon can be just what you need to feel alert and awake. Renowned for its antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties, lemon is one of the allies of the detox cure. The ideal? Drink half a lemon juice in lukewarm water, just getting out of bed, before having breakfast. Freshly squeezed, lemon juice acts as a diuretic and helps to drain the kidneys, while the citric acid in this citrus fruit stimulates the liver, the activity of the latter participating in the detoxification of the body. Lukewarm water gently wakes up the digestive system.

(4) Remove Sugar, Dairy Products & Alcohol From Your Diet
To restore balance, focus on a course of between one to three weeks. Objective: to banish all clogging foods, which exhausts the body. For example wheat ( can be replaced by quinoa or legumes), Refined sugars (can be replaced by fresh or dried fruits, whole grains) Dairy products. reduce the protein intake with (meat, fish), Avoid alcohol and caffeine and give pride of place to seasonal vegetables!

(5) Walking After Each Meal Is A Wonderful Part Of The Detox Process.
Even moderate physical activity when you leave the table lowers blood sugar levels (blood sugar levels), helps digestion and helps eliminate toxins and waste. It is therefore an important element to complete synergy with the detoxing program. (6) Intermittent Fasting
If you just want to eliminate the abuse of a gargantuan meal, you can skip breakfast the next day. Opt for a one-way diet for lunch and dinner. Ideally to be repeated the next day. This consists of consuming only one fruit or vegetable in season. All plants are good for an express detox. However, it is better to avoid citrus fruits or anything that is too acidic, as it can be badly tolerated.

After The Detox ... Rethinking Your Diet
You have one body for the rest of your life take care of it! Eliminate processed foods that are too fatty, too sweet and too salty. Reduce consumption of red meat and dairy products as much as possible and replace them, with lean meats, fish, drinks and vegetable proteins, which are lighter and therefore more easily assimilated. There is also room for whole grains, seasonal fruits and vegetables, if possible labelled organic, and therefore without chemical fertilizers, pesticides or fungicides.

A Good Habit To Adopt
Intermittent fasting is becoming more and more popular and appeals to people who want to boost their metabolism or lose weight. This method works well for some people in terms of energy and hunger pangs. What Is Intermittent Fasting?
Intermittent fasting, also called fasting, is a way of eating. This method involves not eating anything for a set amount of time while keeping yourself hydrated.
This method can be adopted from time to time or throughout the year. It is also possible to carry out occasional cures over one or more weeks or only to fast during the weekend. The advantage of fasting: its flexibility. The most common intermittent fasting is 8/16. This is a 16 hour fast followed by two meals (lunch/dinner or breakfast/dinner or breakfast/lunch) to be consumed over the remaining 8 hours.

Intermittent Fasting To Lose Weight: How To Get Started? If you want to practice fasting, you have to put it in place gradually. First of all, seek the advice of your doctor. At first, it should be done once a week initially so that the body gets used to this way of eating. "If we live the day of fasting well, that is to say, that we do not encounter any energetic problems or hunger, we go to two days of fasting per week and then you can fast every other day.

Food Deficiencies Should We Take Food Supplements? The body needs nutrients, amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, flavonoids and others. Currently from our food alone cannot provide us with all these minerals essential to our proper functioning.

A Food Craving Can Mean You Have A Deficiency. According to a study carried out by ANSES (National Health Security Agency), the majority of diets do not cover the needs for iron, magnesium and vitamin D. 1/4 of them do not cover the needs for vitamin C and calcium.

It is normal for the body to manifest itself to avoid deficiencies, knowing that its goal is to keep us alive.

 For example:

   - A craving for chocolate may signal a magnesium deficiency

   - A craving for salty food can be a sign of dehydration

   - The more you go on diets, the more deficiencies you will have. The more deficiencies you are going to have, the more hungry you will be because your body will call you to fill the imbalance.

   - Vitamin C to avoid cravings. It is essential to supplement yourself with liposomal vitamin C (be careful, no chemical vitamin C)

   - Magnesium, when we crave chocolate, our body craves magnesium.

   - Magnesium is essential for regenerating sleep and optimal metabolism

   - Omega 3 to take in the evening

   - Vitamin E

   - Vitamin B1

When the body is well-nourished, it functions optimally and moves towards a naturally healthy diet.

If you had to remember six things to be YOUNG AND SLIM

    (1) Hydrate: Drink filtered water

    (2) Get enough sleep

    (3) Remove all refined sugar and carbohydrates (pasta ... for 1 week. If possible, leave out empty sugars that are not nourishing.

    (4) Get moving. If you don't move you destroy all chances of being in perfect health and of staying young and slim. Did you know? Intensive sport increases the growth hormone responsible for youth and slimness. Beyond allowing perfect health, sport brings other gifts after sport, you are very happy, much more creative and productive and above all much more proud of yourself!

    (5) BREATHE, TAKE AN INTEREST IN HEART COHERENCE, to eliminate intense stress and anxiety, responsible for weight gain.

    (6) Intermittent fasting to rest the body and allow it to empty the waste (the garbage) that it cannot do when we are working all the time.

Gwennoline organizes a One-Week Private Immersion for a complete transformation of body and mind. She also gives classes on accelerators for total body regeneration which results in weight loss and rejuvenation with ancestral natural methods.

For Further Informmation Please Contact Gwennoline gwennoline.joie@mail.com




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